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Before the independence and after the independence, in Mahakoshal Area of Madhya Pradesh , there was no any paper and stationery item manufacturing unit, as such the paper making items like notebooks and other stationery items were brought from Delhi and Allahabad were supplied in this region.

In 1958, a new era started when Singhai Paper Mart started the manufacturing of Exercise Note Books in Jabalpur and the Note Books manufactured by the unit was supplied in the whole Madhya Pradesh.

Due to quality product and the high quality of paper, the people of Madhya Pradesh preferredto use the products, for its quality, reasonable rates and quality of paper.

Our brand namely “Hawamahal” got the complete faith of the people and till date the brand known as Hawamahal is popular for its quality only

In the year 1975 Government launched a scheme to supply the Exercise Note Books on control prices for economically backward students. Singhai Paper Mart Supplied in full swing the control rate exercise books in the state.

At the time goes, we started out binding unit. Our products namely Hawamahal note books and other branded note books are bounded on automatic binding is our specialty

ISO Certificate

Our unit is fully ready for world level competition in this globalization era. For quality product, best management and customer service, the Singhai Paper Mart Is holding ISO-9001-2008 certificate

Manufacturing Plant

Singhai Paper Mart is having its own Exercise Note Books manufacturing plant and the plant is established in multi storied building in about 40000 sq.ft. Area . The binding work is done on latest automatic machines.

Printing :
For printing work we have four colour Hadleberg latest machines.
Exercise Note Books cover, as per the requirement of the party, calendar printing, folder printing etc. work are performed on these full automatic printing machines. We always concentrate on quality, finishing and time punctuality. Printing unit is established in one roof and the work is done in one roof.

Experience holder and talented team work:

The unit has its own experienced and talented team, working since 1958 continuously in manufacturing, printing and also in the trading work. Due to talented and experienced team we continue our status of best quality products. Our team also work as consultancy to establish the units in different places. Our team representative also participate in seminars and workshops and provide knowledge to the entrepreneurs.

Special support

Design Section The unit has it seprate design section, under which note book covers, calender, boxes are designed by the experienced designers. the cover of the note books are designed as per the specification given by the institutions. the work of cover design is done on the theme of education.

Testing Laboratory The material used for the manufacturing programme is tested in the laboratory for its quality. We never negotiate and variate with quality


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